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 My name is Anette and I live in a modest but idyllic and stunning region in northern Sweden. Some of the clips with George Clooney in the movie "The American" were shot in this area.

  I was born with a natural artistic talent, and could easily have done a career in this field, graphic design, art director or illustrator. I never did. I was always too afraid to be caught in a nutshell. Today I'm getting more and more confident I made the right choice.

 I'm passionate about writing. For me it's a way to get messages out more specificly. I have written and published a book at my own label in my language. My favorite fields covers areas like philosophy, psychology, personal growth, ethics and mysticism. This website is my international space. It might sound a bit far out but it's dedicated to all living beings on this planet. If anyone wonder why I put so much effort into emetophobia, I simply have to answer: I wouldn't have done it if I was so alone about this that I always thought I was. I also want to live by example that there isn't any real inner strength and spiritual maturation without humble confrontation to our deepest fears. That is just BS.

 The design of my website is supposed to be colour therapeutic. I'm well aware that all this pinkish may be too much for many, but it's perfectly intentional, I have made it myself and I want to explain the thoughts behind those conscious choices. Pink can heal our hearts and ease its wounds. When we somehow open our hearts towards what has been painful or traumatic, we can find strength to heal it. Blue has a calming effect on people. It lowers our bloodpressure and can release panic. Even more so when it's turming into the sacral and meditative colour purple. I want visitors here to feel relaxed, find hope and have down to earth-fun.

 All content published here is emet safe. You can safely scroll down and click any link, even if there is pictures posted. Strong symbolism may speak to our subconscious and creative minds, resulting in memorable dreams. That is just something natural, completely harmless and even positive.

 I want to share one short period in my childhood, when my four years younger sister had developed a phobia of bees. It was difficult for her, she could hardly sleep when the ballons on the blanket looked like bees and she could barely get dressed because each and every little lump or pleat inside her clothes felt like bees. One day I decided that I wanted to scare her, like the little kids that we were, always do. So I created a couple of bees out of little oval buns of yellow paper that I carefully striped with a black felt pen. Four small ones and one biggie. I went to the hall to put the big bee in one of her shoes, but at the moment of truth I right out failed to do so, it wasn't even funny because deep down when I thought about it, I really knew how terrified she was. So instead I knocked gently on her door, when she opened I held the little paperbee in my hand, said "hi" with a silly voice and kept letting the bee talk to her in this silly playful manner. I can still remember her anxious eyes, looking at this kind sweet bee, but still somehow more and more comforted by that her older sister managed to do this crazy thing. We began to play with the little bee family and later she dropped her phobia completely, very shortly after this episode. We were both just small kids, but now later I realized I must have been de-dramatizing and releasing her fear of bees just by playing with them like this. I want this website to be a place of play as well, in the midst of all gravity in our world. Together we can make magic, in the spirit of empathic and crazy creative play!




  During the end of 2008 and 2009 I went through a giant mental and spiritual breakdown. I lost my motivation completely, I lost my faith and trust, I lost everything. An income from a job that I hated anyway. I have lost three teeth. But worst of all, the things that I value the most, my health and my inspiration - the only things that really makes my life worth living.

 I have never been so afraid for such a long time in my entire life before. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had no control what so ever, either of what was going on inside of me or of how to regain it again. For you see, in that darkness of being so terribly lost I understood that the only one that could help, or rather save me, was me. To just silently find my way back to me and to the spark and fuel of my purpose - unconditional love. 

 It's a reminder of how fragile life and the human soul can be sometimes. Somehow I must have been losing myself along the way. Or was it just some kind of apparently cruel test? Or was I just too much of a coward to let it happen? Hell on earth is an understatement of what I experienced. I'd rather be tortured in prison for the rest of my life than losing my true soul. I have now slowly recovered from the depression and the final goal is to hopefully have my precious creativity back on track again. Nothing is in vain but everything takes time. And the lesson is love - always. End of self pity and sob stories...





 If I ever start blogging here more and more frequently I will have to ask for your patience regarding the language. Hopefully the message will shine through on some of the pieces of mirrors possibly shattered of grammars and spelling. I'm afraid I don't want to depend on others having each and every live blog post edited and corrected.






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