Allow The Good


  Here is a small anecdote from my everyday life recently, that somehow unexpectedly got very symbolic, and the reason it's shared here is that I have this bold guess that some of you may recognize these kind of feelings. Last week was the week that the new windows was put into place in my apartment as a decision from our landlord. I had been bothered and dreading this mess for quite some time and when the workers finally arrived to have this done everywhere in the house I live in, I caught them to set an appointment. No more regrets or procrastinations. Flying start Monday last week.

 And all in order, it was a mess. I live in a one room apartment, it's a commodious one though, I love it more than ever, but anyway, not that much storing space for moved furniture and stuff. My lil place is proportionately rich in windows though, so it took them two days to do the whole job. I had to eat and sleep in all that mess and dust over Tuesday, sometimes even while they still were working.

 My own work currently begins at 6 a.m.(!) and the alarm wakes me up at 5. I'm going into detail just to give you perspective why I even cared to reflect. On Tuesday night in resolute patience I put everything back into place, went through practically every object and surface, and of course - cleaned the new windows. I really liked the charm of the old windows. They were the originals from the 40's when this house was built. The first time I got notified about this I told my landlord that it wasn't priority. Anyway, the alarm rings again on Wednesday morning for another duty. Ouch, my back feels exhausted indeed. I've turned excellent into drilling myself over the years. Stubbornly reminding myself about the situation in the Middle East or something similar. You are blessed to have a home Anette...





  The result turned out great though. It was worth it. Besides, my place needed a severe clean up either way. As an extra bonus I don't have to worry anymore about waking up the whole neighborhood every time I open a window for some fresh air in the middle of the night. The other night just before falling asleep, I smiled when it suddenly stroke me how typical it is of me to be skeptical about or even reject good things. How many good things in life have I missed out on so far, because i made a choice for something less, something more familiar? Why is it so hard sometimes, to believe that there are forces with genuinely good intentions that want to be part of our lives more than anything?

 Yesterday I made a commitment to myself to always allow potentially good things beyond my own perception and imagination, to at least get a fair chance in my life, without further skepticism or hesitation, and I encourage you all to do the same. The bad forces may be strong, but one simply has to believe that the good forces will be victorious in the end.