Helpful Perspective?


  Only our minds and creative imagination puts limits to the number of possibilities in managing stress by mentally diminishing the threat. Yesterday I had a flashback from a reality TV-show over here called "The Swedish Hollywood Wives". During one of the episodes one of the main characters Gunilla Persson, that I lately also found out in fact is a friends friend of mine, caused some turbulence and controversy among the viewers on how to raise children.

 Gunilla is a deep and true believer in God through the holy gospels of Jesus Christ. In this episode her daughter was about to sing for an audition, but unfortunately suffered from some respiratory problems due to a slight cold this particular day. Her girl was very nervous running on and off to the bathroom, but still really wanted to sing. Finally she started to throw up a bit in there while her mom waited outside. Gunilla then did her very best in supporting her daughter by trying to calm her down and reassuring that she wasn't nervous, and this is more or less what she told her:

- "You don't have to be nervous because you know you can sing. It's good news that you threw up so that the phlegm gets out of your throat. It's God that makes you vomit right now because I have prayed to him. It's the nasty phlegm that made you throw up, not nervousness - and it's really really good that you did that."

What an insight. Never thought about the divine perspective before. From the bottom of my heart - thank you Gunilla! Amen and God Bless.