How To Handle Emetophobia







How To Handle Emetophobia






- A Serious Subject Just for Fun



Are you looking for information about fear of vomiting? You have come to the right place. This ebook is written for everyone:

  • For other emetophobes of course, to share and recognize the experiences we go through, but also to gain more knowledge to the defence and justice of our irrational but deadly frightening feelings.

  • For family, friends or others close to someone suffering from this phobia, to get a deeper understanding what is going on inside our heads and maybe become a better support.

  • For doctors, psychiatrists or therapists, to share some interesting theories on the possible cause and origin of this condition.

  • For mentors, coaches and personal trainers, to get some more insights how a silly phobia can hold you back and give you setbacks in many fields in life.

  • For anyone interested in stress-management and personal development, or for anyone curious or interested in general really, to just have a good time while reading.

This information is not meant for any kind of professional treatment, in fact it is not about recovery at all. Though it is loaded to the limit with lots of valuable understanding, education and different simple tips to practice in everyday life, this ebook is only written for entertainment. If you are emetophobic yourself, it can be a good complement if you already have come a long way in your own healing process. I dearly hope that you can take my mixed sense of both tragedy and humour, because my mortality is one important contribution to the way I handle it to survive my phobia and general stress. Honestly, it was supposed to become at least somewhat funny while I was writing it, but now later when I really think about it, it actually turned out downright dull... What was I thinking? Anyway, I have done my best to keep it as simple and easy read as I possibly could, without reducing the actual content of this important and hopefully inspiring message:

- See your life from above and release some of any fears or limitations with a good laugh! 






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