Just Exposed Another Lie


This is a real time example how wrong media can be. I know for sure that I read a paragraph in the newspaper some weeks ago this late fall, about some official speculations regarding the approaching norovirus season. The so called professionals had announced something like; "we can see an every other yearly pattern and last year was calm so we can expect an intense season this coming winter with more frequent outbreaks".

It's obviously just fluff or fillings. Our reality is full of real threats and they publish crap like this? I have checked the yearly data on the webpage of our national health department. Here is the link if you want to do it for yourself. Just open and scroll down. It's all in Swedish. The only word you will understand is "norovirus" and the weeks of the different years. The situation is probably the same all over Europe and the rest of the world as this thing is a globetrotter.





Well so far it looks like this coming season will turn into just another softie to me. Now folks, enjoy some holidays!