Merry Christmas from ME!



 Have to begin roughly and right on topic this time by letting you all know I caught the norovirus last week. Without any further detail, I only threw up once and it was NOTHING. And still is. Yey. That means that the methods and strategies I'm sharing in this blog seem to be working, for me at least. This is a success! So it's really this easy for all the normal average Joe's out there? It just happens, then you simply forget about it.


 In practical terms, looking back, this thought was the mental turning point for me: "It's just a stomach cold". I know how silly this may sound. Your mind will probably fight back and tell you that you are nothing but a big liar. Or a lazy one trying to take a shortcut in life. While the truth is the complete opposite, which I discussed earlier in this blog as well. It IS a stomach cold. It's instead our worldview that is WAY out of proportion.


 Maybe actively and creatively using your own mind like this, may work for you too? Start from there and work yourself down to make it look smaller and smaller. To be honest, when I was sick I was expecting it because of someone I had visited. Which made me worried of course. In fact, when I did throw up, I believed it finally happened "just" because of anxiety. But what's the difference? Does it matter? It's still a success, either way. You see, people like us NEVER do that. I'm sharing this to illustrate how our minds play tricks on us. And it's possible to fight back. I'm in euphoria over my new normality now. Hoping this was an inspiring read and wishing you all health in the next year! 








Here I am, exposing myself to dirt each and everyday, at the same shopping mall. Yes, I'm a real person - on probably

one of the realest blogs you possibly can find online.








A complete amateur, but still playing a soothing Swedish folk song for you all, commonly heard around Christmas time.