More Details on Hand Care


 Here are just some additional details on the great science of keeping your hands clean all safely. It's really important to rinse properly. Otherwise remains of soap will still be left on your hands and irritate the skin. Even if it's a mild or natural one, it's not supposed to be there. We live in a time when it seems like everything has to go so fast and we rush through even the most basic things. It's so easy to miss out plain logic.

 Sometimes I've noticed that one of my hands seems to be more exposed to wear than the other one, and it's not always the one I usually work with. Found out it could be remains of soap wrecking havoc on my enough sensitive skin already, torn everyday from micro fiber cloth, more known as 'miracle' cloth. 

 It could be that this happens simply because of the angle of the hands and the way the water flows. Especially if the sink is small or asymmetrical, when the tap may be located on one side or the other of it. Remember to rinse the hollows inside your palms completely and also some extra effort between your fingers. That may help you feel better and prevent you from developing full blown eczema, if you like me, sometimes happens to notice you have itchy hands.