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Welcome to my Picture Corner!

Ever since I was in primary school I have always dreamt of becoming a commersial artist. The thing is, I have always had this soul of a genuine handicraftsman. Growing up in the 80's when everything in the field of graphics was manually made by bare hands on big light tables, left me a bit disillusioned with the computerized design industry just exploding in the 90's when I graduated from college.

However, over the years of life's ups and downs my talent and passion after all still remains. I now realize that there actually can be a need for old school handmade drawings and paintings online. An eye-catcher in form of an image always draw much more attention to for example articles, and make their statement stand out even stronger. The benefits of ordering handmade pictures compaired to photos will always be that you are in the position of chosing the contents of them and never limited to reality. Especially if you act for example in the field of psychology which leaves many creative and emotionally powerful possibilities to combine symbolism.

If you have a clear idea of what kind of messsage, mood or spirit you want to bring out to your crowd, I'm absolutely confident that I can help you. If you have ideas about what your picture should look like it's even better. Expressive work is my favourite skill rather tham technical. Don't hesitate to contact me and discuss any ideas and needs of yours.