Anette Svedberg wrote to me and asked if I would review her e-book How to Handle Emetophobia. I informed her at the time that she would get a brutally honest review and she welcomed that. Sometimes you should watch what you pray for.

When it comes to emetophobics, I think of them as I do my own children: I’m fiercely protective. Anyone who attempts to exploit them sees the “mother-bear” in me come out, so I apologize in advance if my review seems overly-harsh.

How to Handle Emetophobia is a 29-page e-book that is downloaded into .pdf format and sells for $22USD. The “book” would have been better as a blog or an article­­ perhaps – the story of the author’s battle with emetophobia and the thinking that may have contributed to her success in overcoming it. As such, it would have been shorter, properly edited and most importantly, free – which I would suggest is the only appropriate price for it.

I hope I am right in assuming that English is a second language for Svedberg, who works as a cleaner in a hospital in Sweden. Only with that assumption can I forgive the atrocious grammar and writing style. And I would forgive it, if the content were of any value – which unfortunately it isn’t. With no educational credentials or research citations, Svedberg attempts to tackle difficult subjects such as the human brain, evolution, psychology, microbiology and statistics. As a result her conclusions vastly miss the mark.

I compare this work with The Emetophobia Recovery System written by Rich Presta, also a recovered phobic and not an academic. Yet Presta has really done his homework: the research is sound and he’s also gone to a lot of trouble to consult with and even interview psychologists and other professionals, making the work credible. He’s also had it properly edited.

I’m sorry to say I would have to warn emetophobics away from How to Handle Emetophobia, not only because it is over-priced, poorly thought-out and badly written but also because some of the writing is rather graphic – such as the story of the author vomiting on the couch one Christmas. Emetophobics tend to get re-traumatized when they read such things or at the very least feel worse afterward.

In short, I do not recommend How to Handle Emetophobia but I do encourage Svedberg to write her stories and ideas on a blog. Blogs like that are always interesting.


 Anna S. Christie

Emetophobia Specialist and Counselor




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It's hard to understand sometimes why our destiny is so challenging, but by undergoing difficult situations, you simply become a more powerful teacher because you have empathy, and can lead by example. This is certainly the case for Swedish author, Anette Svedberg, who has chosen to write about a difficult topic that is not for everyone to read. In fact, unless this ailment affects you or a loved one personally or if you treat such people, you may even find the topic distateful and bizarre. So I applaude Anette's bravery for coming "out" on this platform. 

Most of the literature on the topic of Emetophobia is clinically written by health professionals.  But this story is from an actual sufferer, and in that sense, it is an invaluable resouce to others who also struggle with this in their life. Anette describes what it's like from the inside of this phobia, including some of the funnier moments, but she also shares some of her tips and hints on how she has managed to cope with this condition. 

If Emetophobia is a familiar feature in your life, I would really recommmend you buy a copy of Anette's book, so that you find reassurance that you or your loved ones are not losing your grip, you will gain clear insights into behaviours that are powerful and rarely easy to control, and you will find some useful strategies that may also be suitable for your situation.


 Marlowe Aster










Great work and an extra bonus from Rich Priesta. Explains very much the exact same thing as I tried to do in a comic format, only far more detailed. Wonderful complement to my ebook, if you want to dig even deeper in the science of fear. Please go ahead and download it;






How To Handle Emetophobia