On The Right Side of Fear

And yey, I'm back for some more refreshing and empowering thoughts and support!!

 One thing I used to believe and still hear all the time, is that the problem in this world is fear. As for me, with a background in the esoteric coaching industry, which I'm today radically standing against, fear is being taught to even contribute to problems. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fear is meant to save your ass. Without it we would all be stupid robots, an easy prey for anyone wanting to control us. Or bloody psychopaths.

And from a genuinely spiritual standpoint, fear only makes us humbler.

 It's part of our reality for a reason. Truth tellers of all kinds are so very often mistakenly being accused for spreading fear, while it's quite the opposite. We need to be aware about threats and pulling our heads out of the sand. That doesn't necessarily means that we allow it to govern our entire lives. We need to be properly prepared, so that we can move on with our everyday lives without any paranoia what so ever.

 "Thinking positive" will solve things? After years of reflection, I'm now willing to take things to a bolder level and claim that the whole success coaching industry, that systematically attacks fear as something completely useless, for potential reasons may actually be designed to turn us all into unprepared victims! I mean - what kind of world are they living in??

 Many years ago, I saw a nature documentary on television about a group of dolphins. The researchers suddenly spotted an unusual behavior amongst them. Once in a while, the dolphins seemed to be organizing themselves into what looked like a very disciplined flock. They swam still on their spots side by side and when they made movements, they all did so simultaneously. This was a new discovery and the team of researchers couldn't quite figure what was going on among those ever playful beings. They later made the conclusion that the dolphins could have been preparing themselves for shark attacks. The dolphins were intelligent enough to do their version of military training. Just a thought: Maybe the fact that they aren't ignoring their reality of sharks, is what allows them to be so happy and free?



Victory over anti-fear doctrines!



  Have to let you all know I'm doing really really well with my emetophobia now. Not even thinking about it. My self-learned and self-practicing strategies explained in this blog seems to be working. However, keep in mind that I'm mildly emetphobic. I cannot speak for the really severe issues. It hasn't always been like this though, so I just want to give you hope. Funny thing is I had it worst when I was little, can still recall how badly I escaped the TV scenes. It wasn't easy. Thankfully there is much more awareness these days so that parents can take notice and let their children know they are far from the only ones in the world, that I used to think until year 2006 when my jaw dropped while I read about it for the first time. I was 31 by then!

 Clients with fear issues, and emetophobics especially, very often are blatantly told to be resistant or control freaks in a questionable world of therapeutic frauds. It's not fair and I'll explain why with understandable claims. Instinctively I have never really trusted anything even close to hypnosis. But if it works for you go ahead, it's all a good thing - like for example with the Thrive Program. The thing is that your mind is completely unguarded, you don't know what the things being told will do to you and how your specific subconscious will react to it. Exactly the same mechanism as the state of alpha waves and the television as I wrote in earlier postings. You are being programmed and the result may very likely show in your nightly dreams. Have you ever noticed that when you are going to bed right after watching a movie, you will keep dreaming about it afterwards? Your brain is processing it.


 Ordinary therapy, way better. At least you are actively taking part yourself, but you are still dependent on someone/something else outside of you and in a way still somewhat unguarded. This indeed takes a professional.
The thing about using your own imagination as a tool, or rather a weapon, to diminish the threat, in examples I also have tried to describe in this blog, is that you can stretch and bend it just the way you want it yourself in a level you can handle it. You create all the kinds of potential scenarios where you are still in charge, to train your brain. Think about the dolphins, the military and the firefighters. They do this too, to react properly when things are getting real.


 Don't believe everything you read. Put it to the test. That goes for everything I write here too. I'm now challenging you all to do so. I find this technique particularly useful as an emetophobe as we are attacked by possible threats literary all the time, training opportunities aren't exactly lacking if you understand what I mean, but maybe just anyone interested in stress management can find it helpful as well? Make an active choice to challenge your mind once in a while to sense how your body reacts to it. And in between, try to not think about it. It's the way, rather that letting it get to you 24/7 instead without a real mental plan. We're all different in this, me seem to be closer towards a case of germophobia so that's an area where I can push myself, but it's all the center of the same fear in the end and I'm pretty sure you can find ways to use your mind as a weapon to trick and change your neurochemical reactions for the better as well - permanently. And when things feel alright, have discernment to stop there. You don't want to develop emetophilia, do you?