The Shrinkage Industry

 What I'm about to share in this post may pull you back a bit because I will somewhat be bashing the therapeutic community. That is why I now introduce it by clarifying that the reason I'm stating this, is not to frighten you off of keep looking for serious help if you need it, but rather the opposite - to encourage you and not allow yourselves to throw in the towel by becoming discouraged by all the frauds out there.

 I regret to tell you all that I have witnessed at least two persons that I know closely, having their lives destroyed by "therapy". One of them was having years of traditional psychotherapy through the established state run psychiatric complex, wallowing in supposed childhood experiences, despite that this person was doing well at the time, managing with only one mild sleeping pill. I still haven't exactly figured out what the other one was involved in, but is was clearly unconventional. Maybe some kind of regression therapy or hypnosis combined, from a 'counselor' with no public education what so ever, more looking like witchcraft, at a guess for full price per hour. Anyway, we've lost contact because this person got out of humor and shape in every way. The first case I described ended up with a severe psychosis back in the nineties and have been caught in the machinery through bipolar disorder, depressions and ataractic drugs ever since.

 The therapeutic industry is clearly not safe. I have seen this first hand. But most wouldn't even getting the idea of thinking that thought. We are indoctrinated to not questioning authorities. Even less those who are supposed to help. I stumbled upon this interesting rant. Pretty much agreed with most of it except for maybe the deserves it-part at the end:





 What I wanted to point out is the deception of constantly looking inside for our problems. I'm neither irresponsible, nor weak, for saying that. Maybe the problems actually may be outside of us? But instead we are being brainwashed or lulled down by drugs to accept the harm being done to us, or even groomed to become obedient citizens(slaves) to a potentially tyrannical system.

 Virtually anyone can become a quackery expert over just one weekend these days. Society at its whole is now riddled with an endless variety of coaches, shrinks and behaviourists, just ready to break down your self-defence, all dressed up in pale promises of the unleashing your inner potential.

The therapeutic community, in all of its forms and you probably know most of them by now, tells us not to use our minds, to think for ourselves and question things. No, instead we must emptying our minds in order to become receptive (accessible...) to suggestions.




You are very, very... influenced.



 When I write about my own theories on this blog and in the ebook of how I may have gotten my phobia, which I'm currently hardly is suffering from, it wasn't delivered to me by a magic unicorn in a hypnotic state. I don't even remember it. It's solely based upon pure logic and reason from things things that I accidentally happened to hear and read about. This common sense helps me, and hopefully others, to heal the past and move forward.

 That is why dreams always felt appealing to me. As for a person like me, that grew up having both strong dreams and nightmares, it all came naturally to start researching it back in my late teens. It then started me off to a journey, just like so many others, through the esoteric field of so called personal development and took me where I am today. That's why I'm speaking out about it.

 When it comes to nightly dreams, they may seem unreasonable but they will always tell you the truth if you are willing to listen. Even that you were programmed or lied to. It's an excellent way to discover things about yourself and heal it, and it's all for free. If you are looking for any professional help right now, always remind yourself to make sure and claim that the therapist is serious about delivering results and genuinely committed to your progress.