Some Unpretentious Liberation

 Have you ever felt bad about all those success stories on how to improve your life by having a certain mindset? Trendy magazine covers with seemingly relaxed and naturally vibrant women, sipping herbal tea while in lotus position with cozy blankets and candle lights? Or supposedly inspiring lecturers, making their audience clap their hands like a charismatic movement meeting, for telling them how to reach a personal goal beyond imagination? Don't worry, you are perfectly normal - if not even healthy.


 Contrary to what most gurus and so called life coaches want us to believe, research finally shows the opposite. That the result of 'positive thinking', surprisingly one may think, rather can end up in depression and failure instead. A collapsed financial market for example. Or constant sense of guilt. At worst, an employee may become fired for not being 'positive' enough towards a proposed ideal. In other words, 'positive thinking' may instead result in only more stress, emptiness and lack of meaning.

 To be honest: How in the hell will mindfully ceasing the moment by smelling a cinnamon stick, help reading your next hundred emails, getting all your kids homework done more effectively or get you to act on that raw alarm signal inside if something isn't right?

 Courses are now being successfully held over here in Sweden in negative thinking. The classes went full in just a few days, with a waiting list too, which only shows the immense need for negative thinking in our current society. The course discusses how to be more critical, less individualistic/introspective and therefore more caring and concerned about the world around us. The benefits of a negative approach like this, may then later be to make us more prepared and persistent against reverses, hardships or any other potential worst case scenarios...