Survival Bootcamp: Getting Physical

 If it wasn't for exercising on a regular basis, I would probably have been very ill today and I swear by everything I love that this is the main reason I've been able to manage without any kind of drugs my entire life. During times when it has felt like I had nothing at all, I still ended up coming down to; so what do I have? A functional body. Well, let's use it then.
Climb every mountain...

 Don't worry, I will not "kick you off" with any lively, sprightly or superficial manners here. The purposeful physical work our bodies originally was created for to survive day by day, has very much been replaced by machines these days. The modern society offers new forms of challenges but our stress mechanisms are still the same old ones. That is why I want to show you all some ways to do well, in a world full of craziness. And finding some time for exercising regularly is without a doubt one of the most important keys. Are you struggling with motivation? This one goes just like for everything else in life:

Start off small.

 A little something is always better than nothing at all. For some reason many begin loading their full artillery in Olympic proportions. That is actually dangerous, you may end up in a cardiac arrest. And such approaches rarely lasts. You will lose taste of it. The secret is to find pleasure in it. Only exercise to the extent that you really enjoy it. That way you will tease yourself into wanting more. 



 Which leads us to the even more important factor. Find something that you really love. Otherwise there is no point. For me, exercising has always been relaxation and mindfulness combined. And I'm a HUGE lover of nature, so spending time outside falls completely naturally to me, rather than using machines inside a gym. I'm fortunate enough to live in one place on the surface of this earth where we get our public ski tracks maintained from our tax money, so that everyone can use them as much as they want completely for free. I'm cross country skiing several times a week, sometimes next to everyday during winter, if I have the time. In my own pace, following my own mood, for the only reason that I really really love it. Sometimes I stop by and start looking at a chirping bird while doing so. I believe that our society kills a lot of that genuine joy in things that we do because we are all being taught, consciously or unknowingly, to perform in each and every area of our lives and show off rather than being genuinely happy about things. Well, I at least, have decided to rebel against all of that...

Here are the REAL reasons for exercising:

  • It relieves stress.
  • It increases appetite (important for emetophobics).
  • It releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain.
  • It helps you sleep better.

See? Getting fit is just a byproduct. A bonus.

 One other thing that many seem hooked up about is that you need sportswear or generally dressing in a certain way in order to exercise. Hey, the only time I dress in a certain way is when I go for a swim - I wear a bathing suit... A full wardrobe for each and every physical activity? Depending on climate region, better let the weather be the boss at best. And whenever I get the question: "Don't you sweat in that jacket?" I simply reply; "I do have a shower you know".


My magical little Narnia.


 The only fair recommendation I can give is comfortable shoes and possibly reflectors. I like long walks, one hour or more and I don't let darkness stop me. One of my friends that is a professional artist and maybe even more eccentric than I am, once told me she had been out skiing where our local Olympic ski stars always train themselves, an area where different world cup events have been arranged. Can imagine she was using equipment back from the 50's or something. Or even older...

 Do you live in one of all of those dreadful places full of blocks where it's impossible to be out in nature or even outside at all? I know they exist, take the stairs instead of the elevator. No joke! Walking upstairs is excellent physical exercise and it's free. Can you find a group of people that is willing to collectively rent something, like for example a school bath or a school gym an evening once a week or so, for some few well spent dimes? It's possible over here and the reason I know is because I'm doing it.

 By sharing this post with you all, I just wanted to demonstrate that it's possible to get yourself activated all naturally, for the sake of pure wellness and joy, without having to waste a fortune on the latest trends or expensive subscriptions that you wont fully use anyway - and still find yourself in a lifestyle of automatic continuity. I got my bike from a friends neighbour that had one of those garage clean ups. This classic model is from the 70's or possibly earlier. Will likely never get rid of this sucker because 1); these ones were built to hold and 2); no one really wants them so they rarely get stolen. One day after finishing work last summer, I noticed I had forgotten to lock it while in the midst of a big city festival, but it still stood there patiently waiting for me. It's basically a bike that may fracture me if I fall but it will never break your heart.