When Cleaning It


  No worries, keep on reading. You will most certainly enjoy this post. This is something we all have to do once in a while and as you all know by now, I sometimes have to do it in public duty as well and need to act like a professional. Here is a completely improvised SOS manual on how to generally dealing with bad odors, and again it's all about how to use your own imagination as a tool to pull the massive weapons of smell destruction.

Can you recall and imagine smells?

 If not, maybe you can at least try to see if you can train yourself in this area. This idea or technique came over me all spontaneously at work one day recently and I found it very helpful, that's why I need to share this with you all. As we all know it wont remove any actual smells, but it may be powerful enough to get you back on track mentally again during these miserable occasions. Either way, it's also far more healthier than those artificial air fresheners that you spray around only to later inhale the toxic chemical aerosols created.

 I'm encouraging you all to try out this completely harmless technique as well, to see if it helps you take back and restore your mental power. Your mind is a weapon against anxious reactions. When you get really skilled in this field, you may find yourself imagining a scent so strongly it feels real and even out-competes the disturbing smell. Here are a few examples of some really nice odors to imagine that may be wonderful enough to turn things around, just to get you started:










How do you feel about this one? This is a really pleasant odor that can give you happy vibes and I found it unexpectedly excellent and effective against the you know what-smell in particular. Very up-lifting. Knocks it all out like a bowling ball. Maybe an emergency imagination plan while you are still "at it"?









Lily of The Valley


This fresh and adorable scent of spring is an all time that never gets old. Can you sense it? The cleanliness... They used to grow yearly not far from where I grew up myself. An alternative could be the gorgeous scent of laundry from hanging outside in the wind and the sun. Who needs to miss an odor when you can recall it?










This one might sound strange at first, but the cozy smell of wood have a very comfortable and calming effect on me. Preferably from conifers with some resin. Handicraft. Cabins. Maybe some tar? Can you sense the poles, the wooden boats and piers down the shore or the railroads? Or even the nice smell of smoke from a birch log fire?




Now please add your own favorites to this list of imaginary weapons, if you'd like. Best wishes!