Why Humor Is Medicine


 The madness of this world only ramps up more and more each day these days. In this post I want to clarify why and how humor can be a remedy against even the most terrible, painful and awkward things, without giving them less significance. There is good laughter (humor = laughing with) and evil laughter (sarcasm = laughing at) so let us give it a try to explain the difference. I'm fully aware that there are many out there that find some laughter inappropriate or offensive. Especially those that may have been experiencing scornfulness in their lives.  Let's solve this.


 I will never forget, many many years ago, when I zapped around the TV and stumbled over a scene from a comedy show where a black and a white man had a conversation. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it. The Afro-American guy was shaking his head in a silly way while talking, then ended the sentence by calling the Caucasian guy, 'downy head'.





 As a white person myself, not only did I find that hilarious, but also extremely relieving and liberating, to see that a black person was able and allowed to joke about something such as despicable as racism on television. And as a Nordic person, our hair honestly is downy. Especially compared to African hair. If I had been a racist myself though, maybe I would have reacted differently and not seen the humor in it.

 The threat to us all is racism and that is what's being ridiculed here, to disarm and diminish it. Not skin color. I hope you all agree on the difference.

Here is another bizarre example. Pretty safe but macabre to watch and at least a tiny little bit fun...





 Jihadism pose a real threat to the whole world today. When I get too depressed about the current End Times we're in, things like this can give some temporary cheering. Not of ignorance about all the suffering and tragedy from organized terrorism, but of that evil is being ridiculed and kicked in the butt. The video is clearly a parody in this purpose. Not only does it give most of us some ease, it also give all terrorists of the world a fair chance to laugh about themselves and think twice about their ways from this new perspective.

 If people are watching the real propaganda videos of for example ISIS slaughtering people, just for fun, the situation is the complete other way around. They have now been diminished by the threat instead, by being desensitized and numb to violence. Humor isn't desensitizing us to reality. If it is, it's not humor, which rather should empower us and increase our sense of empathy. I've discussed this topic over and over again earlier in this blog as you know. 

 A parody video of someone random trying to kill a baby, would be a major fail and plain sad though. Why? It only ridicules a direct threat to babies and they can't laugh yet. The more traumatized or anxious you are, the crazier it may get sometimes. Tell me about it. That is why some may not get it. I have developed the term survival humor for it. Surviving our mad world. We are laughing about ourselves, sometimes by recognizing ourselves in others, and it breaks all spells. 
 And as you understand by now, it's not Tourettes Syndrome itself that is being ridiculed in this example, but the embarrassment of it for everyone involved. Don't you think it's worth giving all the shame and suffering around it some relief, by building bridges between us all instead? Just like emetophobia.